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Is your doctor a pro-life doctor?

It is important that we prioritize our support for
organizations, businesses and people  with your
conservative Christian values. Now more than ever,
taking a stand for what is right, takes great courage.

So ask your medical professional (doctor, nurse, dentist, etc.),

if they are pro-life.

Ask them if they will pledge their commitment to life and apply to be on our registry.  

KY Doctors for Life Foundation started with 144 pro-life doctors in 1979 and has grown rapidly. Currently, there are about 3854 pro-life doctors and nurses known to be in Kentucky. We welcome all pro-life medical professionals to join the registry.

Thanks, everyone who attended our 2021 Doctors for Life banquet event! DVD's of this event are available in our office.

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Yes for Life!

A campaign to pass a constitutional amendment.

The Family Foundation and other allied organizations are supporting the passage of a state Constitutional amendment banning the Commonwealth of Kentucky from funding abortions. We hope that you will support this endeavor and vote for the Constitutional amendment. See the image below to go to their website.

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Advisory Board

with specialty and location

Name                               Work Phone       Location                      Specialty

James Mark Detherage MD                606-408-8485            Ashland,                KY      Primary / Family Care

Ann Marie Hemmer, MD                             None Available         Munfordville,        KY       Pediatrics

James Scott Hartley                                     RETIRED            Elizabethtown,     KY      Emergency Medicine

Lewis P. Hicks                                     (859)887-2484             Lexington,            KY      OBGYN

Jose de Leon                                       None Available            Lexington,            KY      Psychiatry

John P. O'Brien, Jr. MD                                   RETIRED            Leitchfield,          KY      Psychiatry          

Jeffrey W. Parr                                               RETIRED            Louisville,            KY      Orthopedic Surgery


Frank G. Simon MD                            (502) 895-5088           Louisville,              KY      Allergy & Internal Medicine